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Standard US arbor sizes are 5/8" for anything 10" or smaller in diameter and 1" for anything larger than 10". Popular Tools has many, many blades with different bores that are made for European and metric saws but sometimes, you need an arbor bore that's hard to find. Such as a 30mm bore in a 10" blade to fit a German-made saw like Festool.

To meet this demand, Popular Tools offers custom boring for a reasonable fee and the turnaround time is also reasonable: 2 to 5 business days, depending on how busy their machinist is. When you have your blade bored by Popular Tools, you can trust that it will be done right. 

How To Order

Step One: Click the blue BUY button for the appropriate size range (below) and this will take you into the shopping cart. Default is a quantity of 1 but you can change that to the number of blades you need bored. Then click on "Add to Cart". If you have not ordered the blade(s) yet, click your browser's back button twice, until you see this page again then select your blades.

Step Two: Once you complete the order process you will be sent an invoice immediately by email. Check for it. When you get it hit "Reply" and tell us what dimension you need the bore to be. Or send a separate email to: 

PLEASE NOTE: This boring service is available for Popular Tools Blades only, it does not include blades from Tenryu.

Desired Bore Price  
3/4" to 50 mm 18.00 ea
2" to 70 mm 20.00 ea
3" to 4" 24.00 ea
Dado Set 48.00 set


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